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Cups: Colour Walk (2 versions)and Crucifixion


Top row: Colour Walk version 1 cups with different coloured handles and insides:
Currently in stock: White (4), Blue (1) and Green (3) ONLY

Colour Walk 2, 2018, the second Colour Walk painting, printed on mugs. Choice of orange coloured handles and inside, or plain white.

ALSO: Backyard Crucifixion Cups, with black handles and insides.

Quantities are limited. I will update the shop with each order.
At present I have:
14 x Orange Colour Walk 2 cups £11.99 (previously sold out, more ordered, hence high number now)
3 x Backyard Crucifixion Cups £11.99
4 x White Colour Walk 2 cups

Unfortunately as of November 2021 we are not shipping to the EU. Please select "United States" for other (not including EU) countries and include your complete address. I apologise for this but it is not worth my hassle or yours with the unpredictable customs charges, extreme waiting times, and chances of goods being returned, lost or not delivered, as is the case between the UK and EU countries at the moment.